Friday, October 25, 2019

Ordinal Numbers क्रमसूचक संख्याएँ

The ordinal numbers are called kram-soochak sankhyaaen (क्रमसूचक संख्याएँ) in Hindi

First - Pratham* (प्रथम) / Pahli (पहली) / Pahla (पहला)
Second - द्वितीय* (Dwiteeya)  / दूसरी (Doosri) / दूसरा (Doosra)
Third - तृतीय* (Triteeya) / Teesri (तीसरी) / Teesra (तीसरा)
Fourth - चतुर्थ* (Chaturth) / चौथी (Chauthi) / चौथा (Chautha)
Fifth - पाँचवीं (Paanchveen) / पाँचवाँ (Paanchvaan)
Sixth - छठी (Chhathi) / छठा (Chhatha)

All ordinal numbers after sixth follow same rule. These can be derived by suffixing vaan or veen, that is:
ordinal number = cardinal number + vaan*** (for addressing masculine gender)
Example (उदाहरण):
  • This is my tenth book
  • yeh mery dasaveen pustak hai
  • यह मेरी दसवीं पुस्तक है
ordinal number = cardinal number + veen** (for addressing feminine gender)
Example (उदाहरण):
  • This is my ninth toy
  • yeh mera navaan khilauna hai
  • यह मेरा नौवाँ खिलौना है
Seventh - सातवीं** (Saatveen) / सातवाँ*** (Saatvaan)
Eighth - आठवीं** (Aathveen)/आठवाँ*** (Aathvaan)
Ninth - नवीं** (Naveen)/ नौवीं** (Nauveen)/ नौवाँ*** (Navaan) / नवाँ*** (Nauvaan)
Tenth - दसवीं** (Dasveen)/ दसवाँ*** (Dasvaan)
Twentieth - बीसवीं** (Beesveen)/ बीसवाँ*** (Beesvaan)
Fiftieth - पचासवीं** (Pachaasveen)/ पचासवाँ*** (Pachaasvaan)
Hundredth - सौवीं** (Sauveen)/ सौवाँ*** (Sauvaan)
Thousandth - हज़ारवीं** (Hazarveen)/ हज़ारवाँ*** (Hazarvaan)

* Gender neutral, ** Feminine, *** Masculine

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Basic Hindi Workbook II by Sonia Taneja

मूल हिंदी 2 कार्यपुस्तिका

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Basic Hindi Workbook II is a Hindi workbook for Intermediate level students. It presents an intermediate level Hindi course through English for those students who posses basic knowledge of Hindi, or who have completed first level of Hindi course or its equivalent.

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अंग्रेज़ी माध्यम से हिंदी सीखने के इच्छुक छात्रों के लिये एक उपयोगी पुस्तक, एक झलक 
देखने के लिये कृपया पुस्तक के चित्र पर क्लिक कीजिये। 

Author: Sonia Taneja

Sonia Taneja is a Hindi lecturer at Stanford University. She teaches first, second and third year Hindi to undergraduates, graduates, heritage and non-native learners. She has taught as an Assistant Professor of Hindi at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), part of the US Dept of Defense, where she received awards for achieving exceptionally high performance results. She has also taught as a Lecturer in Hindi at Columbia University. She is certified as an Oral Proficiency tester and has developed certification and proficiency exams for city, state and federal agencies.