Thursday, October 20, 2016

Namaste - Learn Hindi Introduction


In a recent class of Hindi for non-speakers, I realized the need for an easy to use Internet resource. This blog is your first step towards learning Hindi.

Beginning with a few essential words you'll start forming simple sentences in no time. We also host audio-visual files too to help you say it right. You will also find Devanagari resources here in due course.

You have already learned the first word, Namaste, which is considered universal greeting in Hindi and a few other languages of Indo-European family. Namaste can be used from "Hi" to "Bye" and from "Good morning" to "Good night."

Here are a few words for our introductory lesson:

English Hindi देवनागरी
Hello Namaste / Namaskaar / raam-raam / pranaam नमस्ते / नमस्कार / राम-राम / प्रणाम
Bye vidaa / alvidaa विदा / अलविदा
Please kripaya कृपया
Sorry / Excuse me kshamaa karen / maaf keejiye क्षमा /माफ़ करें / कीजिये
Thanks aabhaar / shukriya / dhanyavaad आभार / शुक्रिया / धन्यवाद

Here is the famous video clip by Pastor Eddie D. Smith Sr. explaining Namaste as a greeting.

Aabhaar for reading so far. Namaste, Namaskaar, Raam Raam, pranaam till our next meeting.

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